“All together” – How business is helping integration

The enormous influx of refugees presents a great challenge to European countries. Germany is no exception. The wave of help from citizens, organizations and companies continues. 36 companies from all sectors of the German economy are now showing their commitment to integrating refugees on the website www.wir-zusammen.de.
The Internet platform provides a guide to the wide range of projects. The objective is to inspire other companies and workforces to become active.

The key to successful integration

LANXESS is also presenting its approach to this issue on the website. As early as October 2015, the company responded to the increasing numbers of refugees in Germany and donated €400,000 as immediate aid. These funds were distributed to municipal and school authorities at the production locations in agreement with public policy makers. The focus is on developing language skills, as language is the key to successful integration.

Brunsb_DeutschunterrichtLANXESS is promoting the establishment of preparatory classes for children and the deployment of teaching staff, as well as the procurement of urgently needed teaching and work materials. A second target group is young people and adults, for whom additional German courses need to be set up at adult education centers. The company is financing these courses and the use of new e-learning methods.
Increasing numbers of better-equipped courses are now available for refugees in Cologne, Leverkusen, Dormagen, Krefeld and Brunsbüttel. Children of school age are being prepared for normal schooling in preparatory classes. In Krefeld, unaccompanied girls and women with children have been given separate accommodation in Krefeld and refugees in Brunsbüttel have a new meeting point.

“We want to make a meaningful contribution to addressing the issue of protecting people in need and giving them other opportunities for their future”, explains Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LANXESS AG.