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For a livable world through sustainable development

Each year on October 24, the United Nations (U.N.) commemorates the inception of its Charter in 1945. The primary missions of the U.N. include maintaining world peace, promoting international cooperation and supporting economic, social and humanitarian activities. In 2000, the member states adopted the so-called Millennium Development Goals, which they endeavored to achieve by the […]

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Together for a strong Europe

European companies affirm commitment to Europe: in early May they launched the “#We4Europe” initiative. The companies are joining hands to support a strong, open and united Europe, and they formulated a Statement of Commitment to promote the future of Europe.

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Support for tomorrow’s scientists

Experimenting and discovering, discussing and solving problems. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program – STEM for short – brings students closer to science in an applied approach to learning. Over the next five years, LANXESS is supporting the program in El Dorado, Arkansas in the United States with a total donation of USD $250,000.

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