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Being there is everything


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Pigments – colorful multi-talents


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Bloodsuckers don’t stand a chance


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Work well – but safely!

Schild CO2-Reduktion

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Better manufacturing with reduced climate-damaging gases


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Drive safely through ice and snow with winter tires

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Small Girl in the kitchen drinking water
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Tiny specialists for water treatment

They were invented 100 years ago: Macromolecules. They are the basis of polymer chemistry. Polymers can be used in numerous applications, including water softening and treatment. They act as ion exchangers in these processes.
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"The most ambitious chemicals legislation in the world"

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA ensures greater chemical safety in Europe.
Ciclisti al tour
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A seat for high performance

Did you know that our high-performance composite Tepex is used in bicycles, among other things? Even cyclists appreciate this.
young people being used computer and tablet. education and technology concept
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Corona at school

Corona at school: How students and teachers are handling the new school year

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