“Clean water for better life” competition

Usable water is one of the most valuable resources. Products and solutions from LANXESS help this initiative, to keep clean and sanitised water for different industrial uses and to obtain clean drinking water for people and animals.  For that reason, LANXESS has organised an international research competition for students in China. 

The competition has been given the motto “Clean Water for Better Life”. LANXESS and the newspaper China WTO Tribune have been called upon together, in order to present solutions for the prevention and treatment of water pollution. Ten proposals were chosen. The research for these proposals was financed by LANXESS. Furthermore, LANXESS experts support the project with technology and consultancy. The first prize was awarded to a team from Hohai University. It had analysed the arsenic contamination of drinking water in Nanjing and presented practical solutions.

“As the cradle for future economic and technological innovations, secondary schools and universities play a decisive role in the provision of high quality education”, stressed Chien. “LANXESS hopes, that with the competition that offers students a platform, to benefit from the case studies undertaken and to be able to learn from each other. The aim is to raise awareness of the challenges that arise in relation to water in China.”

Thanks to the numerous media reports, the competition has had a positive reaction with the general public. “The project is very significant. It has attracted students from varying academic degrees. I hope that the project will continue”, said Wang Jialian, Secretary-General of the Committee for Water Protection of the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry.

In the previous ten years, LANXESS has supported more than 300 university and secondary school students in China with scholarships. Furthermore, the company contributes science kits that they have developed themselves, in order to awaken an interest in chemistry in schools and convey their fundamental knowledge.