Digital planning and design of water treatment plants

Water treatment is becoming increasingly complex due to demands for higher quality of water, such as for example those for boiler-feed water in power plants. Ion exchangers and reverse osmosis amongst other things are being used as standard technologies in water treatment plants. For the planning of such systems, LANXESS is offering the LewaPlus design software on a free-of-charge basis.

Integrated competence for ion exchange and reverse osmosis

LANXESS offers a broad range of products and extensive experience in both ion exchange and reverse osmosis for the water-treatment industry. In addition to that, the specialty chemicals company also provides the LewaPlus planning tool for industrial water treatment.
The design software is unique in the industry. LewaPlus is a freely available, comprehensive tool for the planning of water treatment systems with reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. The design software allows both methods to be implemented and combined within the same program. This makes it possible to quickly and accurately design the full desalination system.

Precisely calculated proposals

LewaPlus is providing support in the design of five different water treatment processes. For designing a plant, the software only needs a water analysis, the water source, the water quantity and the temperature. This user-friendly tool then uses this data to calculate recommendations for LANXESS products to be used in the corresponding quantity and with process-specific details. Furthermore operating and investment costs can be calculated for reverse osmosis plants.

The software is being continually upgraded. It is now employed by users in over 100 countries and is available in ten languages.

For further information, or to download the software, visit the website  http://lpt.lanxess.com/en/lewaplus-software/