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Excellent Climate Protection

The international investors’ initiative Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has given LANXESS several awards for its climate protection this year.

lara1The specialty chemical group was awarded grade “A” and is now one of 193 companies globally listed in the “Climate A List”. Grade “A” is awarded to companies which distinguish themselves with regard to the transparency and thoroughness of their reporting, as well as the climate protection performance they actually achieve.
cdp_a-list_climate2016_cmykIn addition, LANXESS was rated as a “Sector Leader” in the “Energy & Materials” sector and is therefore in the eleventh percentile for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region. In the index comparison, the specialty chemical group is the “Index Leader” among the top four percent of the MDAX. LANXESS has improved considerably compared with the previous year. The group therefore received the award “Best Improver Germany”. In particular, the CDP praised the company’s transparency and performance in the fields of: climate strategy, risk assessment, actual reduction of greenhouse gas intensity as well as the handling of indirect emissions such as CO2 emissions in the supply chain (Scope 3 emissions).

Investors want to know who produces in a climate-friendly way

The CDP is the world’s largest investors’ initiative and a non-profit organization, which has set itself the objective of creating global transparency with regard to greenhouse gas emissions. At present 827 institutional investors who manage a total of 100 billion US dollars support the project globally as Signatory Investors.
The CDP was founded in London in 2000. It compiles annual emission data and climate strategies of companies, suppliers and cities in the name of its supporters, primarily investors, on the basis of standardized questionnaires. Since 2012 it has also demanded responsible use of water, protection of primary forests and management of environmental risks in the supply chain. Participation is voluntary. The quality of company measures in response to climate change is evaluated on the basis of the answers to the questionnaire. The best-performing companies form the Carbon Performance Leadership Index.

More participants every year

logo-cdpWhile 235 companies took part in the first survey in 2003, six years later there were almost 3,000 companies from more than 60 countries. The number of participants is increasing from year to year. An added incentive is that the CDP also publishes the names of the companies who do not participate in the survey.

Investment incentive

The results of the survey serve as a guide to sustainable investment by institutional investors. They want to identify the climate risks which are associated with their capital investment and make a contribution to preventing climate change. In addition, the data are used to assess the long-term opportunities and risks of the companies in their portfolios, to determine investment strategy, and for the development of investment products and indices: climate-friendly management can therefore also be financially worthwhile.
In the largest database for company-related climate information, a large proportion of the company statements are made accessible to the capital markets and the public. The database contains more than 10,000 recorded measures for the reduction of emissions. The CDP has made a major contribution to the fact that it is now a matter of course for companies to measure their climate emissions and to take measures to reduce them.

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