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Did you know that our high-performance composite Tepex is used in bicycles, among other things? Even cyclists appreciate this.

View in the most northern gin and whisky distillery in the world. Cask storage is part of the production process: Whisky must be stored in oak casks for at least three years. 
The 1056 square metre black warehouse of the Finnish Kyrö Distillery is located in the middle of the forest and at first glance appears to be boarded up with old, charred wooden planks. The façade of the cask warehouse is inspired by the typical regional wooden barns.




Climate change and water scarcity are inextricably linked. LANXESS offers solutions for water treatment which allows to recycle water efficiently.

Rüdiger Baunemann sw


A ban for plastic waste leads to dramatically higher recycling rates – cooperation instead of bans.

Plastic black gray granulated crumb. Manufacture of plastic water pipes of the factory. Process of making plastic tubes on the machine tool with the use of water and air pressure.


High-performance plastics materials are a sustainable material. They offer answers to the challenges of electromobility.



The LANXESS education initiative supports schools at LANXESS sites in Germany and abroad in various MINT projects.