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LANXESS is helping refugees

For months, streams of refugees have been moving through Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people have come to find help in Germany alone. The German people are showing a great willingness to help. Many citizens are helping with donations of money or involving themselves in work in the refugee camps.

LANXESS, too, is helping refugees at its sites in Germany and is making 400,000 euros available for that purpose. The financial support is being directed to selected projects based on need, centring on Cologne, Dormagen, Leverkusen and Krefeld. “We want to make a meaningful contribution that first of all brings immediate relief to the people seeking shelter and secondly opens up opportunities for them in the future”, says Rainier van Roessel, Member of the LANXESS AG Board of Directors of LANXESS AG. ”We are currently in communication with the municipal authorities to find out specific, practical ways in which we can help”.

Among the possibilities under discussion are the funding of language courses, the purchasing of educational material, the renting of premises and the setting-up of care facilities for the induction classes for refugee children of compulsory school age.

LANXESS is granting employees paid leave

LANXESS employees who are working for recognized aid organizations to help the refugees on the spot are also being granted paid leave by the company of up to eight days.