LANXESS promotes culture and education in China

Within the context of its 10-year anniversary, LANXESS has presented a joint concert in China with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and the Young Euro Classic Orchestra. Under the leadership of the well-known conductor Muhai Tang, classical music from Haydn and Brahms is on the programme for the Shanghai Symphony Hall.

LANXESS has been committed to the cultural and educational development of young musicians for years. In the meantime, and in the as part of the Young Euro Classic-Initiative, the company supports the musical talent of five orchestras from Germany and brings together important international LANXESS markets and provides you with the opportunity to take part in the concert tour and a top-class event. For the eighth time, LANXESS has invited young musicians from China and sponsored concerts in large cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhou, Qingdao and Wuxi.

“We are convinced that cultural appreciation is an essential aspect of economic cooperation and social development. With the collaboration of these talented young musicians from Germany and China we want to build a bridge for cultural exchange and mutual understanding”, explained the Director of LANXESS, Rainier van Roessel. “We are pleased to be able to provide a platform for young musicians, where they can showcase their ability and dedication.”

“Over the last ten years LANXESS has not only invested in technology and production in China, but also in culture and education. As a responsible company we are really pleased to be sponsoring such a concert, in order to develop the exchange between China and Germany”, said Cheng Ming Chien, the Country Representative for LANXESS Greater China.

In 2007, LANXESS launched the Young Euro Classic in China. This initiative, which is based on the diplomacy of music, was recognised by the Foreign Affairs Ministers of both countries. The German Foreign Affairs Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and his Chinese colleague, Wang Yi, have adopted the sponsorship for this collaborative project.