Infected with the photography bug

“I can remember well when I was first allowed to take photographs with my grandparents’ Agfa pocket camera. However, the virus only really broke out about 15 years ago. This was when digital photography became generally affordable and the photos could be used as more than just miniature camera prints”, as Andreas Mohr describes the start of his passion for photography.

Since then, the enthusiastic Bayer 04 Leverkusen fan has photographed almost every match in the stadium. On his fan page Mohr presents the exciting moments of the matches which he has captured in his photos. More than a million people have now visited the website and viewed the photos.

At LANXESS, the 45-year-old works in the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality department (HSEQ), where among other things he is responsible for the software for the production of safety data sheets and labels for hazardous substances. When asked about his favorite photographic subjects, Andreas Mohr answers: “I don’t have any favorite subjects. For me, so many things make attractive photos: in the stadium, animals, food served in restaurants, or the many sights which I see when I am traveling with my family.” A large selection of the photos can be found on his Facebook page “Photography and Mohr”.

Is he especially proud of a particular photo? “I am particularly proud of photos in which you can see people enjoying themselves when you look at the photos. Although perhaps one particular photo stands out. This is a long exposure night-time photo of the Leverkusen BayArena. This has been displayed by the club. For several months it was prominently visible from the outside of the stadium with a size of about 10m x 3.5m.”

Andreas-Mohr-sw_702_452px_webmagAt the moment, Andreas Mohr owns a Canon70D, with which he is “more than satisfied”. If he had to change his camera, the next one would be one with a full format sensor, as used by professionals. “This gives pictures with greater detail and in poor light it has advantages over a camera with a small sensor.” The photos of the duels of the Leverkusen works team will then be even sharper.

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