“We have been a well oiled team for many years and know each other very well. Our relations toward each other are friendly, helpful and unbureaucratic. We also have some interesting products to offer the screed sector. We not only offer screed additives, we provide an ancillary service all the way to the customer i.e. the screed layer. We talk to carriers, retailers, associations, architects, editors and screed layers. For us, every day is different, that’s what makes it so exciting.” The anhydrite team of the Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit

Team (left to right): Bert Neschen, Ina van den Broek, Ralf Overdüyn, Michael Sungen, Michael Witte.Alexander Henkel, Susanne Hafermann, Michael Wolf, Clayton Claybourne, (Annette Mayschak not on the picture)

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Lernen Sie unsere Mitarbeiter kennen und lesen Sie, warum sie gerne bei LANXESS arbeiten.

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