“I work in my dream job”

On October 1, 2015, sixteen trainees began their program with LANXESS. For the next 18 months these college graduates will have the opportunity to gain work experience in a number of different corporate areas and face the challenge of getting to know how a multinational company works. One of them is Annchristin Hnida. This 24‑year old currently works at the Inorganic Pigments Business Unit.

“I already knew while completing my studies that I wanted to work in this area of production. The LANXESS trainee program offers me the chance to learn about the responsibilities of a production engineer, and not only in one field, but in a different field every three months. I was also convinced that during my time working alongside a mentor I would have the chance for further training and spend some time in one of the locations abroad”, said Hnida, explaining why she had applied to take part in the LANXESS trainee program.

She is very pleased that she can apply the theory acquired in her course and put it into practice. “Each day I experience new exciting things that prove to me that I have chosen the right job for me. I think that it is good that regular meetings are held to share experiences with the other trainees as part of the trainee program”, pointed out Annchristin Hnida with enthusiasm.

She is also pleased to be able to work together with other people and learn about working practices in the coming months of the project. A highlight will be the time spent abroad.

“I’m already working in my dream job – as a chemical engineer in a production plant at a leading chemical company. Being directly involved in the core business and contributing to the success of the company is what I really enjoy!“

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