Ms Tombeux, at Saltigo you are responsible for the product Saltidin, an active substance in insect repellents (anti-mosquito agents). What exactly does your work involve?

I advise and support our customers in the development of Saltidin-containing insect repellents. There are a number of options for incorporating the active substance Saltidin into insect repellents, and all of them have an influence on their efficacy, tolerability to the skin and safety for users and the environment. I also develop proposals for formulas, known as basic formulas, to assist the insect repellent manufacturers in their product development and registration.
Marketing is also part of my work, as Saltigo markets Saltidin all over the world.

What are the advantages of Saltidin and why do you consider the Saltigo active substance better than other products?

The active substance Saltidin has been on the market for just under 20 years. It has been tested many times and has proved its worth on the market with its properties. Saltidin has the perfect balance of efficacy, safety and user-friendliness. It feels pleasant on the skin and, depending on the active substance content and mosquito species, provides up to 14 hours of protection against insect bites. When used appropriately, Saltidin is safe for pregnant women and children. Furthermore, unlike other active substances, Saltidin does not damage synthetic materials, such as synthetic fibres in textiles.

What do you recommend – in addition to Saltidin – as protection against mosquitoes?

As additional protection, I recommend going back to the classical methods. Mosquito nets, especially at night, are an effective protection against mosquito bites. They also ensure undisturbed sleep.
Depending on the region, I recommend full body protection with light-coloured clothing, if possible. Exposed parts of the body should, however, always be treated with insect repellent. Because of globalisation and global warming, aggressive tropical mosquitoes are now spreading to regions in which they were not present before.
In your own garden, you should cover any open water tanks, to avoid providing the insects with breeding grounds.

More about Saltidin.

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