Esther Elias Evelikar is Executive Secretary to the Managing Director and Country Representative for LANXESS India. Her job involves coordination of conferences and meetings, and she handles the day-to-day tasks of running the Director´s office.

Esther has more than two decades of experience in working with senior executives and officials. Prior to her role at LANXESS, she worked for Emerson Network Power, a provider of critical infrastructure, and the Consulate of Israel.

The work at LANXESS is a great pleasure for her. “The company is like a young sapling which is growing into a giant tree. It has a deeply rooted culture which has made it what it is today”, explains Evelikar.

She especially likes that the employees work harmoniously to achieve the company goals. “We are also flexible and adaptable to changes and have learnt how to cope with challenging situations. Our management has steered the company to the right direction. My experience at LANXESS has taught me to stay focused despite interruptions. Here, I have learnt how to be committed to my job as well as family”, describes the secretary.

How does she manage the balancing act between job and family? “I first set priorities on the important things to be done and hence avoid working late and on holidays. Maintaining my personal health and wellness is also important. I love to read philosophical books which help me learn good philosophies and relax my mind. And, of course I spend time with my kids, speak to them, go out for shopping, movies, etc.” says Esther Elias Evelikar.

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