“I would like to develop ‘greener’ products and methods”

16 trainees joined LANXESS on October 1, 2015. The university graduates now have 18 months to gain practical experience in various company units and to become familiar with the challenges that an international company faces. One of these trainees is Matti Brusendorff. We asked the young employee about his impressions.

Why did you decide on the LANXESS training program?

As a specialty chemicals company LANXESS brings together a broad performance spectrum and product portfolio in the fields of science and technology. This gives me a large number of potential areas to work in and the chance to develop in many different directions and to apply and extend my knowledge.

What do you like about this training best or what are you looking forward to most?

Through the trainee program I have the opportunity to get to know the company extremely well and across country borders. I’ll be given personalized support and will be prepared for my future assignments. I can discuss my ideas and preferred deployment areas with my training supervisor. This all helps me to form my own impression of LANXESS, build on my strengths and continually develop.

What is your dream profession and why?

My dream profession would be in environmental protection, contributing to global sustainability in everyday life. Making processes more efficient and developing “greener” products and methods would give me the feeling of doing something useful for society and dealing with the problems it faces today and will do so tomorrow.

The ideal scenario would be for me to work as an environmental engineer. But I’m not so bothered about the exact title.

Working in the field of water treatment I am currently helping make water usable for people and alleviating the burden on the environment through clean water. That already comes pretty close to my idea of a dream profession.

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