“A passion for chemistry”

16 young people entered a trainee program at LANXESS in October of last year. The university graduates have 18 months to gain practical experience in various company departments and to become familiar with the challenges facing an international company. One of these trainees is Patricia Moock. She relates in an interview what she hopes to learn from the program.

Why did you decide on the LANXESS training program?

“I am really passionate about chemistry. The challenges in the chemical industry are diverse and every day is exciting. While still in college, I became aware of LANXESS as a strong chemical company. I was drawn to the wide range of products, things we encounter in our everyday lives. The training program at LANXESS gives me the freedom to gain insight into many different areas that go beyond engineering. At the same time, I get an opportunity to use and develop my skills. LANXESS supports me along the way with targeted continuing education events, so that I can be thoroughly prepared for my future career.

What do you like best about this training program, or what are you looking forward to most?

I am delighted fact that, as a trainee, I can get to know the company inside out, and exchange experiences with other trainees in different departments. Group and individual training activities are a standard part of the 18-month program, and they help us to identify and cultivate our skills and strengths, outside of the daily work routine. Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues, getting to know new fields of work and new, international locations.

If you have ever worked abroad, what did you like most about it?

I have been on one business trip abroad, the purpose of which was to tour a different production site. It was interesting to see a new facility and learn more about the different challenges faced there, even though the site produced the same product. In July, I will be heading to Belgium for three months.

What is your dream profession and why?

My dream job would be challenging and diverse and give me room to think things out, plan and go in new directions. I would like to find sustainable solutions to problems in a variety of areas and work environments.

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