Claus Zemke, Head of Corporate Communications

“Quality works” – curtains up for the new LANXESS campaign

The “new” LANXESS is getting a new look: LANXESS will unveil its new communications campaign at the plastics trade fair K.

The “new” LANXESS has taken shape in a major way over the past two years. Soon, this change will also become apparent to everyone when the company unveils its new communications campaign – “Quality works” – just in time for K.

“Quality is something that plays an instrumental role at the new LANXESS. It shapes how we see ourselves, just like it shapes our products and services. Quality is what we aim for, and it is also a promise to our customers, employees, stockholders and partners. Our new campaign makes this clear,” says Claus Zemke, Head of Corporate Communications.

The visual design of the campaign is clear and focused, featuring a premium look, bold imagery and short, powerful headlines. The result is a new, fresh look that also picks up on the typical LANXESS design.


Claus Zemke, Head of Corporate Communications at LANXESS

“Quality works,” the title of the campaign, can be tailored to fit all products and business units at LANXESS, such as “Quality lightens” for lightweight plastics, “Quality colors ” for color pigments or “Quality protects” for material protection products. “This will allow us to address all of the company’s target groups with individual messages, with the clear focus of our activities on supporting the business units with their products and services,” Zemke explains, adding: “As a first step, we worked with the business units that will be represented at K to come up with product-oriented designs for the exhibition. We will be expanding this campaign to the other business units in the months ahead.”

“Quality works” will be visible on all communication channels as K begins. Ads in print and online publications, as well as outdoor advertising at the trade fair grounds, are as much a part of the campaign as the design of the booth itself, a “Quality works” brochure and a new website. Users can visit to read fascinating quality stories about LANXESS products and services.

Despite all this, the famous LANXESS claim remains the same. “‘Energizing chemistry’ has always been one of the main quality attributes of LANXESS and plays a pivotal role in how we see ourselves. That’s why the claim is a perfect match for the new campaign,” Zemke says.