Products from LANXESS ensure that foods taste well and remain fresh.Copyright: Fotolia_194860520

Little helpers for good taste

The LANXESS material developments for new forms of mobility are primarily concentrated on applications for electrifying the powertrain of both human-controlled and autonomous vehicles, and on building up the requisite infrastructures and logistics. Another area of focus is the new lightweight materials and technologies.

The Mobile Future is Electric


As strong as an ant

View into a 12.5 cubic metre glass-lined steel reactor.

Two reasons to celebrate


For a livable world through sustainable development

Each year on October 24, the United Nations (U.N.) commemorates the inception of its Charter in 1945. The primary missions of the U.N. include maintaining world peace, promoting international cooperation and supporting economic, social and humanitarian activities. In 2000, the member states adopted the so-called Millennium Development Goals, which they endeavored to achieve by the […]