Lubricants make things run smoothly

The warm temperatures at present are not only a joy for sun-worshippers but also for mosquitoes, ticks and other blood-sucking insects. The risk of being bitten is increasing, Insect-Repellents with Saltidin are the most effective products of choice.

Achterbahnen sind aus keinem Freizeitpark mehr wegzudenken.

Safe, heart-pounding fun

Good wine is a science. LANXESS assists producers worldwide during the production process with Velcorin®.


Support for tomorrow’s scientists

LANXESS pledges USD $250,000 to the science education of students in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA.
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New RO membrane elements impress in practice

Clean water is essential for human life. Contaminated water is the primary cause of many infectious diseases, especially in developing countries. In the developing world, and elsewhere, untreated wastewater is still dumped into rivers.


LANXESS makes toys colorful

Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée

Awarded for museum: colored concrete gives the perfect look

French architect Rudy Ricciotti has won the Colored Concrete Works Award 2017. LANXESS has been presenting this award since 2012 to architects who use colored concrete in their work. Riccioti (54) received this honor for his “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” (MuCEM) building project for one of the world’s most popular […]


Work safely, stay healthy


Search for water stress solutions

In many regions of the world, there is a shortage of clean drinking water. If water consumption exceeds renewable resources by 40 percent, experts refer to this as extreme water stress. At present, about 2.5 billion people live under water stress. According to estimates, by 2025 this will include than half of the world population. How can we meet these challenges? What are the solution approaches? LANXESS has invited representatives from the fields of politics, science, environmental organizations and industry to a round table discussion of these questions.

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