Trendsetter with foresight

How LANXESS sets leather trends for a sustainable future today

Two days ago it had to be flamboyant, smooth and shiny, preferably in a blue or kiwi hue. Yesterday it was totally 70s, with shades of orange and mauve. Today it’s all about matte satin. Tomorrow? Long before the collections of famous fashion designers make their way into boutiques, the leather industry is busy trying to answer one question: What will be the next season’s upper leather trends? Which colors, structures and finishes will be in high demand? Will there be new formulas and technologies that foster eco-friendly production?

Leather experts at LANXESS know the answer. After all, they have their fingers on the pulse. The technology leader in leather chemicals founded a competence center in Italy, with an in-house laboratory and application technology department. Here LANXESS technologists and designers in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Tuscany create tomorrow’s fashion collections made of rawhide with an 18-month lead time. A trend scout, a prominent stylist who frequents big Italian fashion houses, is there to advise. After an inspiration phase, the technologists select colors for the collection. Next, they develop corresponding formulas and leather samples that reflect the trends in terms of color, structure, finish and overall appearance. In doing so they give great care to protecting the environment. Because innovative technologies and eco-friendly processing chemicals are required at a time of dwindling resources and climate change.

Long a trailblazer in this area, LANXESS provides customers, tanneries across the globe, with instructions for future-oriented production alongside formulas and samples. Something the leather industry awaits with great anticipation. By knowing next season’s trends in advance, a producer can optimally prepare for them – to better suit its customers’ tastes and contribute to environmental protection. And ultimately suit consumers’  tastes.